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Ocean Acres Experience


The Ocean Acres Elementary School houses the district’s first and second graders as well as a handful of preschool classes.  The school’s motto is “Growing by Leaps and Bounds”.  Special Areas included art, music, STEAM, world cultures/SEL and physical education.  Additional services offered included guidance lessons (whole class, small group and individual), resource center, speech services, occupational therapy and physical therapy.    

Classroom experiences promote a developmental continuum of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, creative arts, socialization, and fine/gross/sensory motor skills.  The curriculum is aligned to the state standards and is integrated based on content area themes.  Teachers throughout the school collaborate to design hands-on activities and instruction to accommodate the needs of all students. Small group instruction and intervention is available to students as needed during the school day.  Special recognition programs include: Project: TEAM, which focuses on 6 foundations; Anti-bullying Strategies, Positive Change in Behavior, Leadership, Resiliency, Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving, provides year round social education as well as student of the month.  The students and staff recognize our Veterans by providing breakfast and a performance of songs, poems and crafts around Memorial Day.  

Community involvement at the Ocean Acres Elementary School is valued on a daily basis.  Volunteers regularly assist in our classrooms in a number of curriculum programs and special events.  There is an active and supportive Parent Teacher Organization.  The PTO supports our school programs by arranging for school assemblies/school spirit opportunities, volunteering for classroom events, and organizing fundraisers.   Parents can become involved in their child’s school life via Back to School Night and Parent/Guardian/Teacher conferences.  The school also works with the local police department on safety initiatives that includes Halloween safety assemblies in the fall and bike safety in the spring.  . 

The Ocean Acres Elementary School staff is proud of the educational environment that has been created.  The environment supports the students achieving their social and academic goals each day.